Love is Blind.

It was the mid of February 2019, I was standing with my friend Owen on the roof top. I had completed graduation in Education and used to help my brother in his construction business. I wanted to fly in sky, had high aims but my body seemed to be a big deterrence in that. Me and Owen used to talk about everything, politics, new trends and girls etc. I was having a look on the contact list in his mobile and one number that struck was of a girl named Agie. I asked him who the girl was. He told me that she was his classmate and now worked in Toyota and also that it was very difficult to handle her. Being little bit overconfident I told him that nothing is impossible.

Next day I sent her a message on her mobile phone “Hi. How are you?” She called and asked “May I know who you are?” I got confused and asked “Are you Agie?”, then simply kept the phone. Agie being the name of my best friend in highschool struck to me in haste. I again send a message “Hi, I am Owen’s friend, Can we be friends?” She asked “Which Owen?” I replied “Your classmate in Masters” She replied “ok”

Then I again asked her “Can we be friends?” She replied “Yeah, as you are Owen’s friend, I am automatically your friend” I was very happy and excited that day. It was my first experience of a different type of friendship with a girl whom I had never seen. Being physically not fit I had always desired to be in company of a girl with whom I would have shared a special relationship like any other normal boy of my age. It is the stigma of African society that a person with any sort of disability is not accepted by a normal person of the opposite sex as a life partner or as a special friend. But I was very much excited about the girl without worrying about the impact of my size on our relationship.

Next day I sent her message “Hi, how are you, how was the day for you?” She replied instantaneously “Good, I am fine. What about you?” I replied “I am also fine. Do you have any boyfriend?” She replied “I am not that type of girl, so don‟t ever think like that.” It made me laugh as every girl would say the same and was not at all surprised. At that stage of life, I am very hard hearted man, without love for anyone and not much for my family even. I only thought of my own pleasures, at whatever cost it may be. I had no idea that life was going to change and which would make me so soft hearted. So I started interacting with Agie very frequently but only through messages on phone as I was too scared of talking to her directly and meeting also because I felt that if we meet then she would have come to know about my physical size.

After a month of talking, she messaged me at 10 pm and asked “Where are you?” I replied “I was busy finding job on internet” She replied “Talk to me dear” I asked “So, what do you think about me?” She replied “You are a friend with whom I can share anything anytime and who will be there by my side whenever I need” This touched my heart and I was unable to express my feelings at that moment. I didn‟t know what had happened to me that night, I was so happy without knowing reason for the same. Everything seemed so beautiful.

Life after that seemed so exciting and beautiful that I did not worry about work and consequences of the same. We used to chat through messages on mobile phone for one month, and I didn‟t know even how her voice sounded. I was hesitant in talking to her and I think she also felt the same. One day my friend Ben asked me if there was someone who could tell about the fare of a brand new Toyota car as he had wanted to buy himself one. I said, “yes, one of my friends is into cars” and I called her.
I said “Hi” She had not expected my call. So hesitantly she replied “hi” I asked “one of my friends wants to buy a car, so can you please tell me the prices of different Toyota brands.” She replied in a low tone “yeah, I will let you know tomorrow”. I replied “ok”.
It was a strange experience of talking to a girl with whom I had good friendship but only through messages. Through messages we came to know well about each other. We cared for each other but on voice call, it seemed as if we were strangers to each other.

Next day she called me up and told me about prices and asked me to repeat what was told by her. I replied hesitantly but I was not in order. She gave a laugh and cut the call. It was a great experience that she shared her laugh with me. I messaged her “your laugh is very beautiful”. She replied “Thank you Casa” but I was very much scared while talking to you, don‟t know why” I replied “Me too, and that‟s why I didn‟t remember what was said by you.”. ………

Next episode coming soon……..

3 Replies to “Love is Blind.”

  1. Interesting 🥰
    Falling in love is sometimes hidden😀u find yourself saying or acting differently wen u can’t even tell wen everything changed

    I think I still need some confidence to say such words that Agie told you💞😍😀

    Liked by 1 person

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