2020 Friends.

Birthday Memories.

A few hours from now 2020 will be history and am sure everyone has gotten something negative to say about it. I remember it started with locusts that invaded our motherland through Karamoja region. The crops were emmensely destroyed but the government had to invest some good money around 2billion to overcome the challenge. As if it wasn’t enough, covid 19 came in a surprise. Who knew that the nations would experience total lockdown. There were no more movements and believe you me, all of us have been somehow affected negatively.
Some people lost their lives, jobs like taxi drivers, boda boda riders, teachers and religious leaders must have probably faced the worst experience when total lockdown hit. Companies had to reduce on number of employees to be able to balance the expenditure with income. As most people especially teachers and religious leaders used the institution compounds as gardens and business avenues. Those who became desperate found their fate. May their souls RIP.
Surely I know alot has happened but we can’t only say 2020 came with negative, not a single good?. It’s not the worst and am here to share the best I got this year. Those are friends.
I have had a couple of them and if I don’t appreciate their influence in my life, it is more of being a Judas Iscariot to them. Firstly, Charol Fidhel, she is been an amazing lady and thanks to social media (Twitter to be exact). It’s where we met. We kept on liking each other’s posts and before I knew it, we became friends. I remember the jolly face I saw the first time we met physically. She gave me a home chilling as we hugged. It’s Marvin who never stopped complimenting about her smile. She is been a motivator and a teacher to me. When you follow her tweets, am sure you can’t remain the same. I may have alot to say about her but am still humbled for that love she has for different people. More blessings dear.
Secondly, Barbara Nyamwiza. I know most of you have read something or watched her on different TV. She is such a Sunshine if you get to understand her well. I used to watch her on TV west having to admire her kids show. She gave them splendid entertainment but when we met in person, the real her exploded. She is so welcoming, a teacher and a lady with alot of fun. No matter the magnitude of the story, she will just initiate a story and find all ways to make you laugh. We have met several times and the laughter is always worth. I celebrate you my sunshine.
Third one is Sarah Biryomumaisho. We haven’t met physically but at least I have a few things to talk about her. The few chats via social media and phone calls have positively impacted my life. One morning I was feeling lazy to go to work but as I opened my phone, there was an email to her blog post which I had to read. I was impressed and got giuded. “A man is a hero not because he is braver than anyone else, but because he is brave for ten minutes longer” I got the quote from the blog.
Before, I used to write alot more of stories but never thought of opening a blog, all you see here was under her influence. Get to follow her on Twitter @SarahBiryomumaisho and enjoy the motivation and entertainment through her TL. There are some of the stories you never imagined like giving birth to white child. Imagine a black woman with a white child from theater. It’s now close to 6months since I read the story but I can’t get over it. So elaborate and entertaining. I want to celebrate you for inspiring my days all through.
Lastly, It would be more of me sharing other friends and they have equally had the same impact in my life like Olivia Sudhir, Shane Itte and Connie, you guys have a special place in my heart. The fun, laughter, drama and stories we have shared all through this year no matter the circumstances, I have grown to be who I am because of you. You guys have been a whole cocktail of laughters.
As we head to the new year of 2021, I pray for the blessings and success to you. May you have a fruitful and prosperous new year..
By Casa

Appreciate them while still alive.

Memories are worth to celebrate.


A few days ago I lost my phone and the mind has been asking alot. I have something to say though my diction is pelted this morning. You see this is too much, and mostly unbecoming. It’s been six years since we became friends and like real tight buddies. I know this won’t be that intriguing if you haven’t walked our path but credit is given where it is due.

For those who didn’t get a chance to meet me in my teens between 17-20 years especially in highschool, I should say you missed alot. I was this small black lousy boy with long hair and very talkative. There was no topic anyone would initiate and I find myself without a contribution. I mostly liked to be on the opposite side of the argument just to make noise and prolong the conversation. I know it’s nagging to some people but I would make sure I comaflouge around to make my argument suit in. School debates had my full time and attention whenever the schedule was out and this is how I found fame and happiness. But that a side..

Here meet my best friend Poaoul Kuluga, my heart beat, fellow noise maker and political advisor, ugh! Did I say that, yes he is because anything to do with current affairs in politics, let it be police brutality, the politician who has wrongly prounced words and memes about MPs, am the first person he will give a call to notify. I really enjoy his updates and if NBS would consider to hire him to replace Canary Mugume, my eyes would never leave the screens. There was a time he wanted to contest as member of parliament in our constituency but there was no way I’d accept the embarrassment to hit him early… Ahahah, who would vote Poaoul with his words that never seem serious.. I know he has the capacity and money but his life don’t suit there, I had to refuse.
Anyways, I met Poaoul while in highschool and we became friends right on the first day. I found him with same characters like mine. Same discipline level, financial status and loving the same sport (Volleyball). We were not rich as such but at least we never begged, no one would underlook our worth. I remember we used to do money lending in school even to some of our teachers. Thanks to those teacher because they would pay on time with interests. I don’t know how they would discuss that in staffroom but that wasn’t our business.

Pooul and I played volleyball and represented our school to national level and thank God, we secured the third position after Trinity college Zana were crowned champions in 2013. Kudos to coach Xiana and the school for the support. On our return to school, you know a celebrity mode this time was hyped, we were Kings and being a single school, there was no way you would boss around fellow boys, maybe if it was a mixed school, more girls would be at our stake to be our girlfriends but that didn’t happen.
We came from Mbale with our medals tied around our necks everyone chanting names. I felt like a king inside myself. That was the day I decided to try out a regrettable thing in life. I got drunk. Like I went to the bar and boozed. “Freedom is felt once it’s lost”, at that time my freedom was gone and the only way to gain it was off my head. Irrespective of my religious background, I lost the salvation spirit. Excitement and fame isn’t something to joke with.
Let me not explain much about alcohol because most of you know exactly what happens the moment you lose yourself at the hand of liquor. I slept in cells that day but what I remember well is that I got salvation the next day I saw my mother crying while negotiating with police officers to release me. It was a silent moment for me and I couldn’t help to keep seeing my parents regretting because of me. I felt bad and the experience is the worst one. Poaoul went his path and for him up-to-date he still boozes but me decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour.


Forget about fame and pride I had at the time in my teens, I have decided to become devoted Christian. It’s been six years now and I thank God for who I am. My friend still does our childhood behaviour but somehow in a responsible way. We both not married yet but if there is anything to be thankful for, it’s you my Lord for the great journey and my parents. Poaoul aslo has been so phenomenal in my life, respect goes to you man. You had to put up with my drama no matter how had it was, my arguments and biblical advices I kept sharing at your low interest. I thank God you have become a responsible brother.

I celebrate you Mr. Poaoul Kagwisagye Muraro Kuluga.

By Casa.

Childhood memories.

I was nine when my mother threw me a stone for the first time. It happened on a Sunday. I know it was a Sunday because we were coming from church. Every Sunday in my childhood meant church, we never missed. My parents were and still are deeply religious people. Very Christian like indigenous people around the world. All Africans have adopted the religion of our colonisers. By “adopt” I mean it was forced on us. The white man was quite stern with narrative, ‘you need to pray to Jesus’ he said, “Jesus will save you”. To which the natives replied, “well, we need to be saved from you, but that is beside the point. So lets give Jesus thing a short.
And so my family was religious, my mother was team Jesus all the way.

My grand parents balanced Christian faith with traditional beliefs they had grown up with, communicating with the spirits of our ancestors. For a long time I didn’t understand why so many people had abandoned their indigenous faith for Christianity. But the more we went to church, and the longer I sat in those pews, the more I learned about how Christianity works. If you’re American and you worship wolves, you’re Savage. If you’re an African and you pray to your ancestors, your primitive. But when a white person pray to a guy who turns water into wine, well, that is just common sense.

Like my childhood involved church and some form of church, at least four times a week. Tuesday night was a prayer meeting. Wednesday night was Bible study. Thursday night was the youth church. Friday and Saturday nights we had off (Time to sin!) Then on Sunday we went to church again.
I grew up in a home with very little exposure to culture and showbiz. Boys were not allowed in my mother’s room. Songs about some guy grinding on a girl all night long? No, no, no,.. That was forbidden. I would hear other kids at school singing ‘kipepewo, Carolina, Kikankane’ and the like but I had no clue what was going on. The only music I knew was from church. Soaring, uplifting songs and praising Jesus. It was the same with movies. My mum didn’t want my mind to be polluted with sex and violence scenes. So the Bible was my action movie.
Samson was my superhero. He was the He-man. A guy beating a thousand of people with a jawbone of a donkey? That’s pretty badass. Eventually you get to Paul writing letters to Ephesians and it loses the plot. But the old testament and gospel😏 I could quote for you anything from those pages, chapters and verses. There were Bible games and quizzes every week at church and I defeated everybody.

all those I was doing in religious realms, my mother was also as stubborn as she was religious. Once her mind was made up, that was it👌 indeed obstacles that would normally lead a person to change their plans like car breaking down or heavy rains on a Sunday morning, she could just forge a way to make sure we made it to church. There was no excuse anyone could give for not going to church.

My mother and I had a very Tom and Jerry relationship, it was our own only. She was a strict disciplinarian. I was also naughty as a shit. She would send me out to buy groceries, and I wouldn’t come right back home on time because I would first be using the change money from milk and bread to play games at the supermarket. I loved video games. I was a master at street fighter. I could go forever on a single play. I would drop a coin in, time would fly and the next thing I knew, there would be a woman behind me with a belt. It was a race.

I would take off out the door and through the dusty streets of Bwizibwera, climbing over fences. It was normal thing in the neighbourhood. Everybody knew that Casa would come through like a a bat out of hell, and his mom would be right there behind him. She could go at full Sprint in high heels but if she really wanted to come after me, she had this thing where she would kick her shoes off while still at top speed. She would do this wierd move with her ankle and heels would go flying and she wouldn’t even miss a step. That is when I knew, okey, she is in a turbo mode now.

When I was little she always caught me but as I grew older I got faster and when speed failed her, she would use her wits. If I was about to take off, she would yell at me “Stop Thief”, she would do this to her own son. In our locality nobody gets into other people’s business unless it was mob justice and then everybody gets in. So she would yell, “thief” knowing it would bring the whole neighbourhood out against me. Then I had strangers trying to grab me and tackle me. I would have no dunk, dive and dodge them as well. I would do all this while screaming, “I am not a thief, am her son”🤣 until the issue is solved.

of the funny moments with my mom I remember well are those that involved school somehow. At the time, I attended a private school called Waga Waga P/s. I was the champion of our sports day every single year, and my mother won the moms’ trophy every single year. Why? Because she was always chasing me to kick my ass, and I was always running not to get my ass kicked. Nobody ran like my mom and I. She wasn’t one of those “Come over here and get your hiding” type moms. She’d deliver it to you free of charge. She was a thrower, too. Whatever was next to her was coming at you. If it was something breakable, I had to catch it and put it down. If it broke, that would be my fault, too, and the ass kicking would be that much worse. If she threw a glass at me, I’d have to catch it, put it down, and then run. In a split second, I’d have to think, Is it valuable? Yes. Is it breakable? Yes. Catch it, put it down, now run😂

Days would go like that almost everytime I behaved contraly to her expectations. She had many tricks she kept on employing as days went by. More episodes on my mind as I sit in my chair and recall, think of my stubbornness and the man I have become. Parenting isn’t something to joke with. Regards and kudos to my sweet mum Mrs Tumukunde Harriet. No matter the drama in our society and hardhips I had to put to you, your still victorious for I have become a responsible man. I celebrate you today. God bless you more.

By Casa.


In her own world.


Late in the evening am from work,
I get into my house,
My mind full of thoughts I couldn’t finish
Questions start popping as I sit in the chair
Did I position myself well?
Did anyone promise me something special?
My mind’s fails to settle,
As all questions keep me wondering,
Then I remember only one thing.

I hear sound from the distance,
Then I remember it so clear.
And it drew me closer
As if fate brought me right here
I slowly walk a simple distance
Right there at the doorway I was standing.
Here where the night would begin.
I didn’t feel like a stranger,
They all said “come on in”
It was a world of their own.

Here the music was playing,
It was getting me to start shaking
People all around me,
But I didn’t expected what my eyes saw next
She mesmerised me,
By the way she moved and danced,
My eyes very wide open, right there infront of her
It was a new world of her that I was introduced to.

She was just dancing,
Dancing like no one was watching
Right there infront of me,
I felt the pulse all around my body,
I just wanted to join her in the crowd
She hadn’t noticed that I was round,
And how could I let her know?.
It was the world of her own.

As soon as I stepped to the dance floor,
People getting down,
I am trying not to focus but I keep looking around
I knew I had to approach her.
But she seemed so far away.
Then came a right moment
Letting nothing to stand in my way.
The girl in her own world
The music was still playing,
I had to say, “girl, you look so good”
You’re the one I know who got the looks
Then I see her smiling from bright lights.
I now come to know she understood it
“We can move in together”, I said,
By the time I knew it,
We were dancing and moving,
Like no one was there watching,
In the world of our own, we got lost!
But how could I let her know?,
Because the way she moved and danced
She was in the world of her own.

By Casa

2020 a year of bumpy ride

Be with a company that appreciate who you’re.

November flew so fast and December here you come. Being my birth month, I intend to enjoy you, but please! be good to me at least I peacefully wave farewell to 2020. This year has been a grave for me, and alot has happened from January through this minute as I pen down my thoughts. Did you know I lost my job?, It’s the same year that have got my first heartbreak. Yes! All that a side, I knew I would marry but I didn’t and I still don’t know why? Okey, this is how it went and I will make sure I leave no stone unturned.

January started so well, businesses healing from Christmas fever. You know how we spend in festivities. Alot of wounds in the pockets, even Jan salaries are not always guaranteed. Here February hit and all hopes high, speculations about the double year to be good. But before we knew it, Covid-19 just surprised the whole world. My first time to hear and experience total lockdown. The president announced even when we had no cases at the time. As days kept going, new cases started accumulating. Tvs and radio stations, the only news we could get from different bulletins. A few months down the road, we got used people start dying but no one would accept to sturve from home, only to defy the odds of SOPs and went back on streets to hustle life out.

As all this was happening, government thought it better to allow people return to work because it couldn’t afford to satisfactorily feed it’s citizen. The situation somehow settled in. RIP to those succumbed to it. The survivers please, package yourselves well to thank God with big wallets on Christmas. It’s actually healthy and important to give tithe. Through this, church leaders are able to feed their families. Not only that, but it’s also a sign of brotherhood in religious terms. I know this is not related with pastors who solicit money from their flock and give them false promises. Anything to do with offering to God should be out of everyone’s will but it has to be a tenth of your property like the bible describe

With church and covid issues at hand, One thing I have learnt this year, “it’s easier to go to the Moon than to get married”. Marriage is so hard and any married person reading this article, know your a giant. This is something I have tried to do for all my life but I can’t see it mature. Marriage is the only institution where a boy will take a girl in the church, kiss her infront of her father and the father applouds the boy for kissing his daughter. I know it sounds so botanical but it happens. I have failed to tighten my belts to make it happen. To the African setting, public kissing is an abomination and that is how we grew up being told. Don’t call me a coward, I just have some principles I follow personally.

And honestly, I haven’t failed to marry because of finances like most people put it. No, I love to be rich anyway. Maybe because we were poor in the past. We were poor that even the fellow poor people didn’t respect us. Even the rats in our house were gossiping us, “Are you sure these people are human beings? How come we have been in this house for three days and haven’t eaten anything? God will surely judge them”. But I love to be rich because.

First of all, when you have a level of money, you can control certain things in life. Even if you’re a president and your wife slaps you in public, you feel it’s okey.

Secondly, Everything about rich people is high. Take a look at these scenarios. When they sit on the table, it becomes high table. When they dwell in the locality, it’s high bro. When they listen to music, it’s high life. When they dwell in society, it’s high society. Even when they fall sick, it’s high blood pressure, you know! Nothing like low with the rich.

On the other hand, look at the poor people. There is nothing like high with us. Everything is low and allow me to speak the truth. Things like low income, low blood pressure, low self esteem, low blood count, low sperm count, and many more describe us. Maybe the only high thing with poor people is high crime rate. When something goes wrong in the community, we are the first to be blamed. The other week, Paoul and I were driving to Ibanda as we entered Rubindi trading center, we found a boy who was beaten nearly to death. With my enthusiasm, I inquired to understand what had caused the fracas because I knew something like stealing of either a phone or motorbike could have happened. And guess what! Only to realize, he had stolen food from the cooking stove the previous night.

Ahaha🤣🤣, I know am not supposed to laugh because it’s covid time and lockdown is somehow still on. For the private teachers who don’t teach candidate classes know what I mean here. They have suffered trying to make ends meet since their salaries had been put on hault. So parents, you know what to do to support your kids for better future. If it’s something to do education, do it. If it’s building houses for them, try so hard and maybe if it’s counselling, be the best counsellor but do it to support your child for a better future…

Lastly, If life was a human being, life would have been a black man! You know why? Life is not fair. Honestly they say man was created in God’s image but there are some faces you see and be tempted to ask, whose image? Does Ofwono Opondo look like God? It’s amazing how many of you have heard of Tamale Milundi. I swear, If that guy happens to look like God, then the devil is more handsome. I know both characters aren’t poor but look at me, it’s my own fate. And am sure God in heaven clearly knew how I was supposed to look like but something happened at the time I was born.

I never knew that doctors were on strike because they had not been paid. My mother struggled to push me out alone while doctors abandoned her, she tried her luck and by God’s grace, I survived. With this, I will always support any argument about women being strong. Above all they came from born and man from dust. That is why they are stronger than us. I would be writing alot but let me just get off my bed before I die in my own movie. If we had enough money (rich), my father would’ve hired a private doctor to help my mum in giving birth.. Like I said, “it was my fate. Poor people have suffered only knees can help. That is I why I work hard to be rich.
I want to seat with the rich come this Xmas….

I remain Casa.

It is so bad to have a small body size?

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Love is Blind.
Episode 6.

Love is not about what we think but what we believe

She took a pause and asked, “Do you call her daily now?” I replied, “No, I don‟t, rather she calls me daily” In an emotional tone she asked, “Does she love you?” I replied, “May be, but she is only a good friend for me.” She again asked, “Do you love her?”

I replied angrily “Shut up, I love only one girl and that is you. Do you know how much I have cried during last week when you didn’t respond to my calls? Do you know how much I love you?” She replied, “I am so sorry but I was annoyed with you. Something has happened in my family also which I will tell you in evening”. Then she cut the call.

My trick worked, I was very happy over that. But there was a guilty feeling in a corner of my heart as I had lied to the girl who trusted me like anything. But at that time I was very desperate for her, I wanted her to be back in my life at whatever cost it may be. I knew that it was wrong on my part to concoct a story about a girl who never existed in my life but I was satisfied that I had lied for the sake of my love for her, after all it is said that everything is fair in love and war.

She called me in evening, “Dear I was very angry with you” I replied, “I know I didn‟t respond to your calls that day, but I was not in a good condition, I had to go to hospital, my heart was paining very much. Doctor said that any delay in treatment would have been risky to my life”. I lied with so much confidence that she had to believe that. She replied, “Oh, really?”

I replied with confidence, “Yeah, I was thinking about you only. I wanted to share my pain with you, so I insisted on talking to you”

She said, “Ok but I didn‟t know that the situation was so grave. I was angry with you as you kept on calling me knowing the fact that there were relatives at my place. You must try to understand the limitations of a girl. Inspite of me feeling sorry, you were angry and didn’t respond to my calls. I thought that you don‟t understand me and my limitations”. Then I replied with confidence “Dear, try to understand me I was not well that night. I wanted to talk to you only and share my pain with you only. I did not tell my family about this”. She said, “It‟s not right; I know you trust me, but you should have told your family about it. You should take care in future and promise me that it will never happen again”.

“Ok dear, I will and promise you that it will not happen again” I replied. “One more thing, last Sunday my uncle came to our place and scolded me for rejecting the marriage proposal of police personnel. He also tried to make me realize that I was doing wrong to my mother by rejecting that proposal. My mother was also badly hurt and was in tears. She wants me to marry soon so that she is able to fulfill all her responsibilities. She is left alone to take care of us after the death of my father. I thought that I had some duty towards my mother also, so I was trying to put an end to our relation” she said.

I replied, “Dear, I will take care of you and your mother, your responsibilities are mine too. I love you very much.” She said, “I am also sorry for not attending to your calls and neglecting you, I am sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…..” Ok dear, don‟t be, I love you, I love you, I love you…..” after saying that I was lost in her dreams and had a sound sleep that night, almost a week.

So my plan was successful and went as desired by me but I was feeling guilty for having lied to the girl who trusted me so much and believed in my words. It was my second lie. I kept on sending messages to her and called her daily. She had kept my messages hidden in her phone and were locked with a security code. One day her sister asked her about the security code, but Agie resisted giving that. On it her sister cursed her a lot and asked her mother to marry her off on the pretext that otherwise she might bring disrepute to their family. She told me about the whole episode. I advised her to delete all the messages I sent. She said, “Why? I will not.”

I said in a serious tone, “Dear they will force you otherwise to get married very soon, which will not be good for both of us. ”She replied in a childish tone, “Can I come to your place?”
I said, “Why not dear? I love you.” She asked, “Will your family accept me?”

I said, “Dear ours is a very nice family, they will be very happy if you come to our place. Your sweet voice and laugh will make it a heaven.” She replied, “My sister always keeps an eye on me. I don‟t like that; I have my own life and if you are with me then what is the problem. Are you?” “Yeah dear, I love you and I will always be with you” I replied emotionally.

One day she went to the place of her cousin‟s fiancé. She had lunch there and called me after lunch. She said, “Dear I am at the place of my cousin‟s fiancé. They all are forcing me to visit his friend‟s place as they want me to marry him. He is in air force”

I asked, “Will you go there?” She replied angrily, “Are you mad? I have taken the decision and no one can change my decision”.
“What have you decided?” I asked with a little smile. “You know better and if you do not stop asking such silly questions, I will not talk to you” she said.

I laughed.” Ok dear, I am joking. What did you say to your relatives” I asked her. She replied, “I simply said that I didn‟t want to go there”. I respected her for trusting me without even meeting me.

Now I was sure about one thing that she really loved me and could go to any extent for me. But I was not sure if it was right or wrong on my part and felt that I was playing with her feelings though I was scared of losing my love. I was not sure how could she react on seeing me. But I had trust in my love.

One day my Agie called me and said, (Not sure if knew she was mine already)“Dear, I am feeling guilty as it was not good on my part to conceal the truth from my family. My mother trusts me and I am hiding the truth from her, it is not right”.

“What can be done dear?” I asked her.“I will tell my brother about you and he will meet you in December, Is it right? Can you meet him dear?” I replied hesitatly “Ok, as you wish”.
“I think it‟s not right to hide our relationship from the family, I am feeling very guilty.” She said.

“We love each other. If we are doing it for our good in long term then we are not at fault, I think. But if you want to tell this to your mother, then it is ok” I said. “No, I will first talk to my brother and then he will try to convince my mom” she replied. She did not have any real brother but she had a school friend whom she considered as her brother. “But what will I tell my brother, that we have never seen each other, isn‟t it strange?”
I asked, “So, what have you decided?”

“I have decided to lie to my brother and say that we met before. I know it is not right but how can I tell him that we love each other without even seeing each other.” she said. “Ok, as you wish” I replied. “Ok. I will ask him to meet you in December because then you shall be here for your Christmas holidays, take care, bye dear” Then she cut the call.

Now I was feeling very anxious and worried about her reaction when she would come to know of my health condition and now it was certain because she was going to ask her brother to meet me. It was sure that she would get hurt on knowing that as I had concealed this from her. I was thinking that she trusted me and I was playing with her feelings. Till now, I had been living in a hypothetical world, but now I realized the seriousness of our relationship. But it was my nature to take everything easy, so I didn‟t think much about it. I was convincing myself to let the things go on like that and not to worry about future repercussions. I was sure to handle the situation.

However I asked many questions to myself: “How will she react on seeing me?”“Is it right to hide the truth from her?”
“Is it right to break the trust of a person who loves you so much?”
“Does true love care about the looks and physical appearance of a person or is it simply a philosophy?”

“Is it right to tell her the truth and lose my love or is it right to act as a traitor and conceal the truth?” “How will her brother react on seeing my condition?”

“Does a person like me not have the right to love someone?” “Is love only for the rich and plus sized people maybe with six packs, and not for persons like me who is small like an HIV victim?”

“Will she respect me anymore on seeing me?” Now, I was out of my virtual world in which I was living for the last ten months.

This incident shook my emotions and forced me to think about the life without her, as I was sure that she would not be with me on seeing me. She was like any other normal girl in this world and not a unique one. That night I was sleepless and for the first time I asked God that why did He allow pain to His creatures, and why He did not create me like other people girls admire most especially girls of her class? and why had He chosen me only to bear all this pain?. I was in tears for not only the guilty feeling but as well as the fear of losing her. But I was also satisfied that at least someone loved me be it for few months, at least I also experienced the love.

What is love? Everyone has one‟s own interpretation of love. Some feel that it is nothing but simply infatuation; some others feel that it‟s a fun; still others feel that it is an emotion. They left others feel that emotion plus sex is love. But how can a person interpret it without feeling it. My interpretation of love is in following lines:

Love is the feeling which can never be explained but felt, it brings a person to a new height and at the same time give a person abysmal pain for which no antibiotic would be there, some people say that to posses your love may not be love but if you don’t get your love you would also be a lover. If you didn’t possess your love, then was it the true love? If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.

Love for me is eternal feeling which can be diminished with death only, love can be done only once and rest is just life, that’s true, true love never fades, it will remain as young as a child, when you see your love, the glare of Hollywood would be less than that, it seems strange but that’s true, everyone must taste love once and must be strong enough to bear the pain, its really heartening.

In love, a person can learn many things from his beloved. The famous American writer Nicholas Sparks has rightly said about love in his novel “The note book”.

The last episode 7 is coming soon…..

By Casa.

Show them love first.

Allen was a girl I loved for better for worse since Highschool, but it was again fortunate to have such a tough father with whom I compared with a graphing lion. 3 days I had developed a plan to ask Michael (her father) if I could get a chance to take her out for tea at town’s best restaurant, because I had last talked to her on phone complaining to have a private time with me, of which I had to respect and used the right channels to get her father’s permission.

It was Saturday afternoon, 1st September, 2018 to be precise, the day looked calm and I composed myself to meet Micheal (Allen’s father). I marched to him at his sitting table in the living room of his house. He glanced at me before turning to the window while he sat on his table.

Please!: “He said to me” His tone was defeated as though he didn’t have strength to confront even me. I would like to talk to you. I said firmly, I wouldn’t ask if it is not very important. Micheal sighed, and I sat in the chair I had sat in before, when I had asked about my dinner with Allen at the nearby restaurant.

He listened as I told him what was on my mind. When I was finished, Micheal turned to me. I don’t know what he was thinking, but thankfully, he didn’t say no. He instead wiped his eyes with fingers, turned towards and broke the news: “Allen is in hospital struggling with cancer”. I didn’t wait for him to finish the story but only asked again the exact hospital where she was admitted.

Again I ran, again I didn’t tire, my purpose giving me the strength I needed to go on. When I reached Allen’s room, I rushed in the door without knocking, and the nurse who’d been in her bedroom came out to see what had caused the racket. Before she could speak, I did. “Is she awake?” I asked, euphoric and terrified at the same time. “Yes,” the nurse said cautiously. “When she woke up, she wondered where you were.” I apologized for my disheveled appearance and thanked her, then asked if she wouldn’t mind leaving us alone. I walked into Allen’s room, partially closing the door behind me. She was pale, so very pale, but her smile let me know she was still fighting.

“Hello, Casa” she said, her voice faint, “thank you for coming back.” I pulled up a chair and sat next to her, taking her hand in mine. Seeing her lying there made something tighten deep in my stomach, making me almost want to cry. “I was here earlier, but you were asleep,” I said. “I know . . . I’m sorry. I just can’t seem to help it anymore.” “It’s okay, really.” She lifted her hand slightly off the bed, and I kissed it, then leaned forward and kissed her cheek as well. “Do you love me?” I asked her. She smiled. “Yes.” “Do you want me to be happy?” As I asked her this, I felt my heart beginning to race. “Of course I do.” “Will you do something for me, then?” She looked away, sadness crossing her features. “I don’t know if I can anymore,” she said. “But if you could, would you?” I cannot adequately describe the intensity of what I was feeling at that moment. Love, anger, sadness, hope, and fear, whirling together, sharpened by the nervousness I was feeling.

Allen looked at me curiously, and my breaths became shallower. Suddenly I knew that I’d never felt as strongly for another person as I did at that moment. As I returned her gaze, this simple realization made me wish for the millionth time that I could make all this go away. Had it been possible, I would have traded my life for hers. I wanted to tell her my thoughts, but the sound of her voice suddenly silenced the emotions inside me. “Yes,” she finally said, her voice weak yet somehow still full of promise. “I would.”

Finally getting control of myself, I kissed her again, then brought my hand to her face, gently running my fingers over her cheek. I marveled at the softness of her skin, the gentleness I saw in her eyes.Even now she was perfect. My throat began to tighten again, but as I said, I knew what I had to do. Since I had to accept that it was not within my power to cure her, what I wanted to do was give her something that she’d always wanted. It was what my heart had been telling me to do all along.
Allen, I understood then, had already given me the answer I’d been searching for, the one my heart had needed to find. She’d told me the answer as we’d sat outside Micheal’s office, the night we’d asked him about doing the homework. I smiled softly, and she returned my affection with a slight squeeze of my hand, as if trusting me in what I was about to do.

Encouraged, I leaned closer and took a deep breath. When I exhaled, these were the words that flowed with my breath. “Will you marry me?”

Tears rolling in her eyes made her not to answer but breathed her last in my presence. It became toment from that money till now but I can’t believe upto now that she died.
Later days passed and we buried her. I now lay in my bed with nightmares all through night. P

Love them and do the best you wish, put that smile before it’s late..

By Casa

What a soccer weekend!

Pogba training

Dear my readers,
It’s home time on Monday night but I’m putting my language teacher hat back on for a minute.
It was author Rita Mae Brown who said: “language is the road map of a culture.” The two are inextricably linked and to ignore language, pronunciation and customs is to stamp out a culture entirely. As we move toward an increasingly global world we must start to appreciate others, and as any ethnic minority in this country will tell you, pronouncing a name correctly is a huge start.

It’s not hard to see that English player James is pronounced ‘djaemz’ and the Colombian is ‘HAmez’ as has been pointed out previously. But even if you’re not sure, it’s literally a 2 minute job to look up a player on Wikipedia as almost all names there come with a pronunciation guide.

Can we not forget that these are not simply overpaid footballers, but are immigrants, and the way media has treated immigrants is disgusting. We need to reject the idea that ‘foreign’ names are hard and should be pronounced ‘our’ way as the lazy, imperialist nonsense it really is. We can do better and as a soccer fan surely the absolute most basic requirement is to research how to say 30 names.

But even if you don’t care about foreign players, how about Ugandan ones? Take a look at the Uganda Cranes squad that beat South Sudan in the first leg and have a think about what the future of Uganda’s football will sound like. And for goodness sake, don’t even bother making the point that Okwi is harder to pronounce than Nkeitah. You’re just more familiar with it, which is lazy ignorance.
As a Manchester United fan, the ones that irritate me the most are: Özil (it’s uuuurzil, there’s an umlaut. It’s that easy), Papastathopoulos (sounds like it looks, emphasis on the tho, not hard just long) and Bukayo (Saka) (read it and say it, don’t guess the order. That is why I don’t ever support Arsenal for such characters in their team. Not saying you’re racist for getting it wrong, but you can look it if you keep guessing African names). What pronunciations annoy other people?

On the other hand, P.S. the subject is not meant to be anything along the lines of #alllivesmatter shit. #blacklivesmatter.
As all that is going on in our favourite time spending game, I’m gonna avoid the topic of how united are gifted a penalty every single match despite pretty much all of them being dives or “won” penalties (which to me is just legalised diving) and skip straight to how they are taken.

I don’t think it’s particularly fair that the attacker (who already has EVERYTHING stacked in his favour) is allowed to stop start stutter runs like Fernandes does while the keeper has to pretend someone has hammered nails through his feet. Its kind of win win for this type of penalty because should you miss theres a good chance you’ll get a retake because you’ve tricked the keeper into going early. And if you score… Well you get a goal.
I’d like to see one of three things happen –

  1. No stutter runs. Its ludicrous any attacker should be able to do this when it’s already stacked firmly in their favour.
  2. Keeper can come off his line
  3. Penalties are retaken when attackers score and the keeper comes off his line.
    There’s been a few times this season when the keeper comes off his line and the attacker scores that the penalty is not retaken. Why? If it’s against the rules to come off the line and it’s important enough to enforce when it’s missed it should also be enforced when it scores too.
    I know it’s a minor thing but as a former keeper it really pisses me off how much the game pretty much makes it impossible to not get a goal from pens anymore.
    What an annoying weekend!

By Casa.

A rose of petals from the sky.

Love is like a rose of petals from the sky.


Episode 5

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

Winston Churchil

I passed the interview and I was posted to work in Hoima as a programs manager and the first day at work was quite an exciting one, new place, new friends, new girls but my love remained the same as I loved her by heart. I used to talk to her after my lunch and she insisted on not talking too long as network wasn’t good and I might feel burdened being at a new workplace.

About fifteen days had passed since I left Mbarara. Then one day phone network was not working, I kept on trying to call her but was unable to call her at my fixed time that is after lunch. But I was receiving her messages. I received message, “Where are you dear?”

I tried to call her back but it was not working. It was the same till evening. At 7pm in the evening, I called her from a PCO booth. She got emotional on hearing my voice and asked me in great desperation, “Where were you? Do you know how much I am concerned about you? I was praying for you to be all right. I was in a fix of what to do, how to contact you. Do you know how much I …………”.

After these words she was quiet for sometime. I was touched by these words. There were tears in my eyes; I felt her intense love for me. I replied, “Don‟t worry dear, I am all right. I know you care for me. But network wasn’t working properly here, that is why I could not call.”

She said “Ok, no worries. Take care of yourself.” I was feeling bad for her. She cared so much for me and I had concealed such a big fact about me from her.

One day I met a guy from Hoima whose sister was Agie’s colleague. He was my workmate here. Agie told him about me. The first impression I got about him was that he was a cunning and selfish but later on I realized that he was a practical and experienced guy who had gone through all phases of life. Soon he became a good friend of mine. Agie often talked of his sister‟s strict nature. Once she called me and said, “Do you know what‟s your friends sister has done? Small girl!!”

I replied in a low tone as I was also thin, “What?”“She interferes in all of my matters; I will not tolerate this thing. Give me the phone number of her mother. I will ask her what she had taught to her daughter”, She said angrily.

I replied “Dear don‟t be so aggressive. Why will you talk to her mother? Dear! official matters should be dealt with in office only. She might kill me right in her place. I do not like this on your part. Whenever you are angry just hold your fingers tight and your anger will vanish”

She took a sigh of relief and said “I think you are right and I was overreacting, but if somebody does wrong to me I will not forgive him or her, whether it is she or you”. She said angrily. These words scared me a little bit and I thought what would happen to me when she would come to know about the reality.

That day I came to know about her aggressive nature and disliking for fat people. I was feeling insecure as I was also small and l…..!. Her aggressive nature was also a cause of concern to me. It‟s strange that a person who himself was aggressive, wanted to make efforts to reduce the aggressiveness of other person. But I was no longer aggressive. It all changed when she came into my life.

A person goes through lot of changes when he or she is in love and I was also experiencing the same. It went on like this. She trusted me and I did not have the courage to tell her the truth. One day I messaged her “Dear it is becoming difficult to live without you now.

What can be done?”
She replied “What can we do? It can be done by our families only”.
I messaged her again “But I want to share something with you and which is very important.”

She asked, “What!” I replied, “Dear I have muscle related problem and treatment is going on.”

She took a long pause and I messaged her again, “What happened dear?”
She messaged after a few minutes, “What can I say? I am very much worried on hearing that, I don‟t know what to say”.

I again messaged her, “Dear, do you love me?” She replied, “I don‟t express my feelings but I have feelings for you and that‟s why I am very much worried”
I messaged her again, “Have your feeling changed on knowing that about me?”

She replied, “I have feelings for you and it will always remain. If my feelings change then God will punish me” I was shocked on hearing that. I once again realized how much she loved me.

I replied back “Don‟t say such things dear”.

At that time I was in abysmal love which cannot be explained in words. I don‟t find the words to explain it. I thought about her only and nothing else in the world. I felt that the love is not with physical aspect of a person but it is with the soul, and it was true in my case as we had never seen each other but we had abysmal love and care for each other. I started respecting her even more.

One day she called and said, “I am very much afraid today”. I asked, “What has happened dear?”
She replied in a low tone, “There is a proposal for my marriage; he is a sub-inspector in police”.

I was shocked and asked desperately “What will happen now?”

She said, “My mother is forcing me to marry that guy” I asked “What have you decided?”

She replied “I will out rightly reject that proposal. Let‟s see what happens in the evening”.

I was quiet upset on hearing that. I didn‟t know what to do and what to say. She called me in evening and said, “You know, I was praying to God for whole day that my mother rejects that proposal otherwise it will not be good for you and me”.
I wanted to cry. I was thinking if something adverse would happen, then what? I tried hard to hide my feelings but she felt my anxiety and told me not to worry. That night was sleepless for me. I was worried and felt as if someone was taking something, which was very dear to me away from me. It was unbearable. That night seemed to be as long as years. I was in abysmal pain which is difficult to describe through words.

People often say that in love you have to bear the pain, which I was experiencing for the first time in my life. I questioned myself that why it always happened to me.

Next day I called her, “Dear, what your mother has decided?”

She replied “Last evening I told my mother that I will not marry a police personnel, I don‟t like them. She was very angry over that but she cooled down later on. I remained disturbed and kept on thinking what to say to my mother but somehow I managed that. Everything would be all right. After all I have to decide for my future and I know better what is good for both of us”.

I took a sigh of relief and said, “Ok dear, thanks for trusting my love”
Now I was sure that she would do anything for my love. This strange love story went on and with time I became more possessive for her. In an African society, a girl is

subjected to so many restrictions which a boy doesn‟t have. She was not allowed to go out in late hours and whenever she had to go somewhere, she had to give explanation for that. If she talked to someone on phone, had to give the whole explanation about the
person with whom she was talking. This shows the disparity in our society which is still there. My possessiveness for her increased and whenever she couldn‟t take my call, so many questions would arise in my mind that where she was, with whom etc etc.

One day I called her when she was at home. It was Saturday, she was with her relatives. She did not take the call. I tried nearly for 20 times. Finally she took the call told me about the presence of relatives at home. I insisted on her to talk to me. But she refused. I message her, “Dear I am feeling very tired today, something is happening to me.

I don‟t know what it is”. She didn‟t respond to that. Then I concocted a story so as to make her feel that she had done a wrong thing by not answering my call. I wanted to make her feel that. It was not fair on my part but I did that. I messaged her late in night, “My heart is paining very much I don‟t know why?” I did send the same message three or four times and then stopped sending messages.

Next day my plan went on as I had desired. She called me from office five to six times but I didn‟t respond. Then she called from two other phone numbers but I didn‟t respond as I knew that these were her calls only. I wanted her to be worried about me. In the evening I messaged her, as I thought that was enough for her, “Dear, I was in hospital last night. Something happened to me and my friends took me to hospital. My heart was paining very much”. She didn‟t respond to that. I realized that I had done wrong, she loved me so much and I had been making stories to hurt. I called her so many times but she didn‟t answer.

The next week was very painful for me, as she didn‟t attend any of my calls and I thought I deserved that. I had done wrong to her. It was too heartening for me as I had never been ignored like this by her. Not a single day had gone without talking to her since I met her. I met her in February and it was October now. But how selfish and cunning I was, as I hurt her by concocting astory of pain in my heart. I didn‟t realize at that time that a girl was bound by so many restrictions at home and she had to abide by them. I was in love with her but I didn‟t know what to do as she was not answering my calls. I was so sad those days and used to cry loud at night. Talking to her was a part of my daily routine, like eating and breathing. I felt as if there was a void in my life.

After a week she responded to my call and said, “Listen Casa, I don‟t want to talk to you”

I asked, “Why dear?” She said, “I have some family compulsions”I said, “I am sorry if I have hurt you, but please don‟t do this to me”

Then suddenly a story erupted in my cunning mind. I had heard that a girl was always jealous of other girls.

I told her, “Dear, I met one of my dear friends, we were in same class at school, and she is now a dentist in Kasese, she was my best friend at school and we have very good family relations also.”

The trick worked, she asked in a low tone, “Where was she for all these years?”

I replied, “Her father was in army and now he has retired. Now, they have settled permanently in Kasese. I got her contact number and we talk daily. When we were in school we were best friends and my friends often thought that there was a special relationship between both of us. They used to tease us by calling us as lovers, Moreen, made for each other, some people were even sure of our marriage”

Episode 6 coming……….